Frequently Asked Questions

What is SignedSeal?

SignedSeal is an online platform that allows users to sign PDF documents digitally with a permanent e-signature, streamlining the document signing process without the need for downloads or complicated steps.

How do I create an account on SignedSeal?

Users can create an account by visiting the SignedSeal website and following the sign-up process, which may involve providing some basic information and verifying their email address.

Is SignedSeal secure for signing sensitive documents?

SignedSeal employs advanced security measures to ensure that all documents and signatures are kept secure, making it suitable for sensitive documents.

Can I use SignedSeal for legal documents?

Yes, SignedSeal can be used for various legal documents, as digital signatures are legally binding in many jurisdictions. However, users should verify the acceptance of electronic signatures in their specific region or for their specific use case.

Do signatures created with SignedSeal hold up in court?

Digital signatures created with SignedSeal are designed to be legally binding and are generally recognized in court, though the acceptability may depend on the laws of the jurisdiction involved.

How can I upload a document to be signed?

Documents can be uploaded directly on the SignedSeal platform through the user's account, typically by clicking an 'Upload Document' button and selecting the document from their device.

What types of documents can I sign with SignedSeal?

SignedSeal supports the signing of various document types, primarily PDFs, which are commonly used for contracts, agreements, and other official documents.

Can other parties sign my document without creating an account?

Yes, SignedSeal allows users to send documents for signing to others who do not have an account on the platform, making it easy to collect signatures from multiple parties.

Is there any cost to using SignedSeal?

You get up to 10 Documents completely free. After that, our plans start at $29/mo (or $299/yr) for unlimited documents.

Are there any limitations on the number of documents I can sign with SignedSeal?

With a premium account there are no limitations on the number of documents you can sign or send for signing with SignedSeal. Our free tier is limited to 10 documents.

Can I share my SignedSeal account with others?

Yes, we encourage users to share their account credentials with colleagues or have them sign up as well to streamline teamwork and document management.

Does SignedSeal support team or sub-accounts?

Not at this time, but we are working on adding this feature in the future.

How can I contribute to or support SignedSeal?

The best way to support us is by spreading the word about SignedSeal. We value our community's feedback and referrals.

What measures does SignedSeal take to ensure document security?

Even without paid plans, we use advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure the utmost safety of your documents.

Can I use SignedSeal for any type of document?

Yes, SignedSeal supports a wide range of document types, allowing you to sign anything from legal contracts to personal agreements in PDF format.

Is SignedSeal accessible from anywhere?

Absolutely! SignedSeal is designed to be used on any device with internet access, ensuring you can sign documents from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

How does SignedSeal verify signatories?

We provide multiple methods for signatory verification, including email verification, to ensure the authenticity of each signature.

Can I sign documents in person using SignedSeal?

SignedSeal accommodates a variety of signing scenarios, including in-person signings, to meet all your document signing needs.

Does SignedSeal offer document templates?

Yes, we provide access to a range of templates for various needs, making it easier for you to get started on your documents.

How can I keep track of documents I’ve sent for signing?

SignedSeal features real-time tracking, allowing you to monitor the status of your documents throughout the signing process.

Is SignedSeal compliant with e-signature laws?

Yes, SignedSeal adheres to international e-signature laws, making every document signed through our platform legally binding.

How user-friendly is SignedSeal compared to other platforms?

SignedSeal is designed with user experience in mind, featuring an intuitive interface that makes online document signing a breeze.

Can I directly import documents from cloud storage to SignedSeal?

Certainly! SignedSeal allows you to easily import and export .PDF documents.

What type of customer support does SignedSeal offer?

You can email and we're happy to help you with your questions.

How can businesses benefit from using SignedSeal?

Businesses enjoy the simplicity, security, and unlimited access to all of SignedSeal's features, making document management efficient and cost-effective.

Can SignedSeal be used for sensitive documents, like contracts and legal agreements?

Absolutely. With our focus on security and legality, SignedSeal is perfectly suited for sensitive documents.

How does SignedSeal handle data privacy?

We take data privacy seriously, implementing stringent measures to protect your information and ensure compliance with global privacy laws.